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British singer, Mark Kingswood brings original songs to the jazz and big band rhythms that have marked several eras. His music, which consciously reflects the musical infuences of the great ones like Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and more recently, Michael Bublé, distinguishes itself by its modern twist and the richness of the orchestral ensemble that elevates each song. Mark strives to pay homage to the pioneers and influencers of the genre, and honor their art, bringing it to a whole other generation.

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Having performed as a vocalist for over a decade, Mark Kingswood is also an avid musician. A producer, sound engineer and songwriter, he brings a unique and modern touch to the sound in his recordings. The result: music that bears meaning and sensibility, without forsaking musicality. Rather than simply borrowing from the classics, he sings original songs that will in turn become part of the rich history of the genre.

With the release of his first original music album, he marks an important turning point in his career. Mark Kingswood can now share his true passion for a musical genre that appeals to all generations, with a style of his own and a vocal range that sets him apart.